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Re: The Debian way to turn off accept_source_route.

also sprach Donovan Baarda <abo@minkirri.apana.org.au> [2002.02.06.0543 +0100]:
> ../all/accept_source_route was '0'. I'm assuming the '../all/..' overides
> the individual interfaces, but then I'm not sure _what_ that little blip of
> traffic was.


> I know decent firewalling will kill source-routed traffic, but doing
> "cat 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/accept_source_route" is probably also a
> good idea.


> Does Debian do this somewhere? What is the kernel default? If
> Debian doesn't already do this, what is the correct way to do it? The
> /etc/network/options will set '../all/forwarding', but nothing else.


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