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Re: LSM or GRSecurity

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 15:14, Jason Lim wrote:
> So you just applied the kernel patches (they work on 2.4.17, right?), and
> that should be it? Blah... I know I should be installing the package and

Yes, it just works!

I started with Linux when patching your own kernel was expected, and 
something you did regularly.  So I've never had any aversion to patching 
kernels, running beta kernels on servers, etc.  I can understand how you 
might get nervous about it though.

One thing to note with grsecurity, lsm, and probably many other kernel 
patches is that the feature set that's available depends on the version of 
the kernel you use.  The current grsecurity kernel-patch package has two 
versions of the patch, 1.9.2 for kernels >= 2.4.16 and 1.8.9 for kernels <= 
2.4.14.  I am not sure which version you'll get if you apply it to 2.4.15.

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