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Re: unstable is "unstable"; stable is "outdated"

> Last Debian Weekly News says that a Maintainer dropped 18 packages out
> of frustration with the slow pace of Debian 3.0.  It also says that
> this slow pace is because Bugs are simply not fixed.

Yes, I read about that in the Debian Week too.

> If companies would a) adopt Debian packages (by inhouse programmers),
> and/or b) sponsor packages Maintainers, there would be some economic
> thrive behind the Debian Releases, and it would just be fair, because
> Debian is thriving a lot of companies, isn't it?

True... but not to the point (at least for us) to hire a person to
specifically maintain debian packages and such. We run a mirror in HK :-)
It would have been nice if Corel's spin on Debian took off, as they could
then really sponsor some developers to work on debian/corel's distro.
Hum... i wonder if any other distro's based on Debian are helping out...

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