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Re: ide hotswap raid fileservers

Check out http://www.raidweb.com

I have used one of these arrays about 2 years ago and found it to be VERY GOOD. I assume that the quality has gone up since then also with the extra models added to the ide and scsi raid product lines.

The array looks like a really BIG external scsi disk to the host server. The cool feature for these things is HOT SWAP scsi or ide disks. This makes it able to plug into your spare server and be back up and running in just a few min (+fsck time).

Just another idea for you to think about.

Hope this helps,

At 01:21 PM 02/20/2002 -0800, Frank Nijenhuis wrote:

Is there anyone on this list with experience in setting up large fileservers?
A customer asked me to set up a nfs fileserver for his webcluster, due to the cost a raid ide configuration was chosen but we're wondering if what are the technical boundaries to such setup. I came accros a nice 19" rack with space for 16" hot spare ide brackets, the server would contain an asus serverboard and 14 x 120gb disks.....2 disks will contain the os in mirroring and those 14 hd's will be in raid 01 and connected to two 3ware escalade 7000 series ide raidcontrollers.. The mobo has 2 64bits pci slots which are supported by the 3ware cards, the ide hotspare removables have to support udma 100 ..but for now my main question is....is this going to work..the setup of an ide raid config with almost a terabyte in storage in raidconfig..

anyone anyidea if there are complete solutions for sale on the market based on such configuration? Or are there ppl actuall running this kind of hardware under debian?

any help appreciated!


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