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Re: opinions on swap size and usage?

On 12 Feb 2002, Jeff S Wheeler wrote:

> For years I've been configuring my machines with "small" swap spaces, no
> larger than 128MB in most cases, even though most of my systems have
> 512MB - 1GB of memory.  My desktop computer has zero swap, although I
> have more ram than even X + gnome + mozilla + xemacs can use. :-)

I always learned: swap = mem x 2 and above 1 GB swap = mem x 1.5

Swap isn't only used by programs that run out of swap, but also core dumps
could be bigger than youre memory.

But maybe swapd is something to look at: http://cvs.linux.hr/swapd/

There's a Debian package for it.



An OS is like swiss cheese, the bigger it is, the more holes you get!

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