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Re: exim question

  Yes, it really does work for me.

  I thought the point of the original poster is that he wanted any
address that didn't match a real user (and I assume another alias) to be
delivered to a particular mailbox. He wanted the alias file to never

  The original poster didn't mention that he was doing virtual domains
on the box. To do virtual hosts I configure exim to use multiple alias
files (one for each domain) and then the *: rule would go in the
appropriate alias file. Trying to do virtual domains in one alias file
is troublesome and the *: rule in that case would probably be bad.



Ward Willats wrote:
> Pete:
> >In your alias file, as your last rule, put
> >
> >*:   username
> >
> Does that really work for you? I had trouble with it because
> with a line like this, the alias file can never fail. Exim would
> qualify "username" and run it through again, it would also run
> any aliases generated by other rules in the file through a
> second time, and wind up mapping lots of addresses to
> "username@qualify_domian"
> Maybe I just ran into trouble since I have include_domain on
> and explicitly handle several virtual domains in my aliases
> file....but the *: construct was a big enough gun that I
> sure blew my foot off with it!
> -- Ward
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