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Re: Strange problem

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 00:59, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

> In my experience, unstable is "unstable".

At times.
> > and came up in a very strange state. No users could log in, only root, and
> > things like ps, w, and top wouldn't work. I was called, got in via ssh,
> Why happens when you runs these commands? (What does "wouldn't
> work" mean?)

They hung. Nothing happened until I hit ^C

> What do the logs say?

Nothing. syslogd is one of the things that didn't start.

> What do you mean that it is impossible to be the same? (Are you saying
> that proc was also mounted at / ?)

Hmm. I didn't say that right. Mount showed /proc mounted. 'df' *also*
showed /proc mounted, with the same size/used/free as /.

> > /proc by hand, started up the utils that didn't start, checked things out
> > the best I could, and rebooted again. Same thing. I've gone through 
> What do the kernel messages say?
> What do the logs say?
> What are these utils that didn't start? (Some network services that need
> to be correctly setup in /etc/rc*.d/ ?)

networking, syslog, just about anything that needs /proc to me mounted
and readable.

> Sometimes when I upgrade from stable to unstable, I have had some packages
> not reinstalled and some software didn't start that should have.

This machine was running unstable for quite some time, stabley. :)


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