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Source upgrades from potato for a fileserver

I am building a new fileserver, and I will be using an sgi-xfs kernel and lvm on it.

Here is a list of packages that I will upgrade from unstable. Is there anything that I may have missed out?

debhelper_3.4.6.dsc      lilo_22.2-1.dsc           openssl_0.9.6c-1.dsc
devfsd_1.3.23-1.dsc      lsof_4.57-1.dsc           perl_5.6.1-7.dsc
dhcp_2.0pl5-8.dsc lvm-common_1.5.dsc raidtools2_0.90.20010914-9.dsc
e2fsprogs_1.26-1.dsc     lvm10_1.0.1release-1.dsc  samba_2.2.3-4.dsc
file_3.37-3.dsc          mdctl_0.5-2.dsc           util-linux_2.11n-4.dsc
fileutils_4.1-9.dsc      modutils_2.4.13-3.dsc
kernel-package_7.85.dsc  ntp_4.1.0-4.dsc

David Stanaway
Personal: david@stanaway.net
Work: david@netventures.com.au

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