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Redundant Mail Servers


We need to implement redundant mail servers and I'm looking for some ideas.
The two mail servers are in different offices but should at all times contain
identical data (well all of the same email at least).  So far:

- Postfix will be the MTA
- Courier IMAP will be used for mail retrieval
- LDAP for storing account information and as much email config as possible
- Failover will require manual intervention

My initial idea was to have email@primary copied to email@backup
automatically in the last stages of delivery and to run a nightly rsync from
the primary that would synchronize messages.  This is a lot of overhead that
I'd rather avoid ... particularly because of problems I've seen with rsync in
the past.

The two mailservers are connected by a private 100Mb link.

We have also considered using DRBD or NBD in combintation with RAID1 to get a
shared/mirrored filesystem.  Any thoughts on this?

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