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[OT] IT Support/Ticket tracking application

I'm looking for a support/ticket tracking application.  Here are two I've 

Double Choco Latte:  http://dcl.sourceforge.net/
RT (Request Tracker):  http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/

I've started to set up RT, but it is a royal pain, and I don't know enough 
about the required Apache modules to get it working.  I'm about to start 
working with DCL to see if it will do what I need it to.

However, I thought I would pose the question to the list to see if anyone 
here is running a support ticket tracking application for a helpdesk/ISP type 
scenario, and if so, what are you using?  I know this may be off-topic, other 
than the fact that it will run on a Debian server.  ;-)

 Michael Merritt                    O2/CO2 Conversion Specialist [o]
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