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[no subject] (no subject) /dev/ entries for sound devices Re: /usr/doc transition and other things re: 2.2->2.4 6th International Linux-Kongress >Subject: A newly invented Chinese Input System - GeoStroke [ mirror ] [ Re: Article about "Debian"] [ Re: fwtk was in 2.0 and 1.3.1, but not in 2.1?] Re: [gnu.misc.discuss,gnu.emacs.gnus] Free software: Packagers vs Developers Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registere Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registered Debian developer Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian is not just about packages [Offtopic] Re: 2.2->2.4 A [partial] alternative to animated GIf ( was UNISYS latest licence nonsense) [PATCH] X-TrueType support [Philadelphia] PADS Meeting: Building Debian Packages RE: [PROPOSAL] Archive audit, cruft removal, unmaintained packag [PROPOSAL] Archive audit, cruft removal, unmaintained packages Re: [PROPOSAL] Directories for local initialization scripts Re: [Proposal] Forget PAM, stick with NSS [release-critical] NFS locking, policy, fcntl(), and liblockfile. [RFC]Proposal for CBT type Linux intro Re: [RFD] install criticisms Re: [RHSA-1999:029-01] Denial of service attack in in.telnetd [some ITPs] What I am going to be doing as a Debian maintainer.. [Sponsor] A list of people looking for sponsor on the web ! [STATUS] HPML (formerely the DPKGv2 Project) About becoming a Debian developer about dvips Access to erlangen Adam Di Carlo vs debmake Re: all this xxx-jp nonsense (was: Re: ITP: grep-ja) Re: Allowing 2 different packages the same name Anybody keeps pcmcia-cs_3.0.12-?.deb or pcmcia-cs_3.0.10-?.deb ?? Anyone able to NMU imagemagick Anyone looking at screem yet? application in search of a developer APSFilter (was A printer configuration program?) apt 0.3.1 for slink Re: ARM machine available article about "debian" (fwd) Re: ash vs. bash Re: ash vs. bash (was: IFS behaviour) Re: automatic installation again away for 2 weeks Away for a few days Away for a week Away for three MONTHS -> packages orphaned Bad Makedevness basename/dirname in libc6 Believe it or not bo, hamm, ... Re: bottlerocket? Brining up Potato from scratch BTS expirations Re: BTS is too slow? (was Re: enough already: xaw-wrappers is fixed) Bug #42390 Bug in mkdir(2)? bug in unstable/main Packages?? Bug#39005: Mail loss over NFS with Kernel 2.2.* Re: Bug#42244: tetex-bin xlib6g dependency Bug#42723: wish for apt Bug#42912: glibc changes break gdm (maybe others?) Bug-list & Wish-list bugs against stable (was Re: Release-critical Bugreport for August 27, 1999) Bugs and New Maintainers C++ incompatibilities The case of the mislabeled package maintainer (Was: New Maintainer Required for ...) Changes to the archive Changes to the release critical bugs... chroot'd daemons cleanfeed [was: the return of wnpp ping] Re: cleanfeed [was: the return of wnpp ping] (Intent to package) Coda (experimental) has naming conflicts with cfs Coda (experimental) is NOT GPL (or other free license) Compiling 2.2.12 Conflict between libc6 and libdb2.6-util in potato Copy-Right/Left/Upways Corel/Debian Linux Installer curl debian package on-line CVS for Free Software porjects? cvs-buildpackage with fakeroot CVSup is on master Re: debian & UPS support Debian @ ALS? debian archive names debian book as a package Debian booth at the Linux Kongress Debian developer vacations debian first in slashdot poll Debian getting better! (was Re: Senseless Bickering and Overpoliticization) Re: Debian Gnu/Linux 2.2 Unleashed Debian GNU/Linux Unleashed Debian packages of Green Card with Hugs support available Debian Weekly News - August 10th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - August 17th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - August 24th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - August 3rd, 1999 Re: Debian Xconfigurator? Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V99 #1035 Debian/Corel liason? Debugging thread applications with gdb 4.18-1 and libc6 2.1.2-0pre7 debugging threaded apps using gdb defrag fixed Re: deliver - recompilation? Dependency Bugs in Debian Packages Re: Depends generated by maintainer scripts Depenency Bugs in Debian Packages (long) detecting failed root shells [Re: itp: static bins / resolving static debian issues] Developer in Houston, TX USA Developers in Vancouver, BC? DHCP - was Re: debian first in slashdot poll dinstall does gpg? (was: Re: libc6 has no sources??) double problem reports dpkg v2 ? dselect and customizable key bindings electric fence NMU? An email-based program. Should one create an account? Error in smtp-refuser fakeroot is completely broken FAQ? (Was: KDE - license issue) Faure, Kubrick and Albert Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages The last update was on 07:18 GMT Tue Jul 16. There are 2106 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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