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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> writes:

> On Tue, Aug 17, 1999 at 02:44:03PM +0200, goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:
> > Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> writes:
> > > How does putting /tmp on its own partition keep it from getting filled
> > > up? If anything, it will fill up faster if it has less than 100% of the
> > > available drive space assigned to it. This argument is a non-starter for
> > > the single-user desktop.
> > 
> > 1. /tmp fragments a lot.
> Hmm. My system doesn't seem fragmented. This is a single-user
> box--there's not going to be a whole lot of activity in /tmp. I'm far
> more likely to fragment my home dir. 

Just type make for some source. gcc uses enough tmpfiles. If they are
placed between the .o files and binaries the free space gets
fragmented heavily.
> > 2. If /tmp is full and is on / with /var, linux crashes.
> > 3. If /tmp is full, but a partition, nothing happens but a "filesystem 
> >    full"
> Whoopie, you saved people from filling up /tmp. Now all you've got to do
> is keep them from filling up / and /var. Remember, this is a single user
> box with someone running things as root while still learning what
> they're doing. How do we keep them from upgrading from potato to woody
> via apt-get (filling the small /var partition and possibly /usr) and
> saving a 100MB email to /root/mbox?

/ being full isn't critical, /var being full crashes as far as I know.

Also apt-get won't fill up /var, because it know how much to download
and checks for free space. If not enough space is there in /var/cache
it will not download anything. I had that case once.

Now that i think of, it should ask to clear the cache and if thats not 
enough, do the update in steps and clean the cache inbetween.
> > I think policy states that / and /usr should readonly mountable, so to 
> > fullfill that policy /var, /tmp and /home must be partitions. The
> > suggestion should be made to have them on another partition. The
> > benefits and drawbacks should be explained in the online help.
> No policy can dictate that it's possible to do that. Whether the local
> admin chooses to is beyond the purview of policy. Tuning the default to
> the low end in no way impedes someone from setting up their own system
> in a different manner.
> Mike Stone

You don't have to follow suggestions, but usually its a good thing on
a debin system. :) Let people learn the hard way to follow the
suggestion to partition the harddrive at least to some extend.

If they come at us screaming how bad just a / partition is, we can say 

May the Source be with you.

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