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defrag fixed

I cleaned up the defrag Package to be 64 Bit clean and cope with >2GB
Partitions and run on Alpha. I let it run over my 17 GB raid three
times and its still alife, so I think I got all bugs fixed.

It doesn't quite do what I suspected it to do and its rather slow, but 
it defrags the files. It doesn't defrag free space, what I wanted it
for, but I might find some time to get it to do that as well.

Is anyone here crazy enough to test defrag some more? Does anyone have 
xiafs or ext handy to test? I only looked at and tested e2dump and
e2defrag, but I fixed some stuff for the others too.

All i386 guys, watch for warnings during compile. It should compile
with -Werror, so it should fail to build if somethings wrong.

The source, diff and the alpha bins are available at


in about 3 hours time.

May the Source be with you.

PS: Try the readonly mode first

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