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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:

> I think policy states that / and /usr should readonly mountable,

Where do you read this in policy? I cannot find it.  And mount /
read-only IMHO doesn't make sense.

> so to fullfill that policy /var, /tmp and /home must be
> partitions.

And don't forget /etc, which has some files which change (adjtime,
mtab, ld.so.cache, nologin,...).  Your system won't like it, if /etc
is mounted read-only...

> The suggestion should be made to have them on another partition.

I think, that /var and /home should be placed on separate partitions,
but not because / is read-only, but because /var is for fast changing
data (which will have problems after a system crash) and because /home 
can be shared with many systems, so you can also mount /home, if you
have more than one Linux system installed (dual boot).

A separate Partition for /tmp is a nice idea, but a symlink to
/var/tmp will also do this job without needing another (quite useless) 
partition.  Let's talk about a separate /tmp, when somebody writes a
file system which can be shared between /tmp and swap (like Solaris



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