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Re: Depenency Bugs in Debian Packages (long)

On Sun, Aug 08, 1999 at 05:31:51PM -0000, gecko@master.debian.org wrote:
>   Cannot satisfy with packages in main:
>      * fsh: recommendation ssh

       First I'll give you the description:

Description: Fast remote command execution over rsh/ssh/lsh
 The problem: logging in to a remote system with a cryptographic
 solution such as lsh or ssh takes time, due to the computationally
 expensive key exchanges that occur when the connection is established.
 It is common to trigger a lot of remot logins while using remote CVS,
 which makes it painfully slow compared to having the repository
 The solution: reuse the secure tunnel once it has been established.
 fsh is a drop-in rsh-compatible replacement for ssh that automatically
 resuses ssh tunnels.

	The trouble with fsh is that it does not depend on
        ssh (or lsh), but can use just plain rsh too. But
        it is nearly of no value then, as the rsh authentication
        method does not have a slow startup.

        But I would really dislike seeing it only suggest
        lsh (psst) or ssh, as it was designed entirely for these

        What do you suggest I do?

>   Cannot satisfy with optional packages:
>      * dnscvsutil: dependency bind (>= 8.0.0)

       Oh, bind is extra? Why? Oh well, I'll drop the priority
       on the next upload.

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