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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registere

On 22-Jul-99 Carl Mummert wrote:

> I can verify if you require that, at least twice in the past week, someone
> asking how to be a new maintainer wsa told, on this list, that 'they will
> be more likely to accept you if you work on a wnpp'.  In the discussion of
> how new_maintainer@ is overloaded, all the proposals so far have included
> language to encourage new developers to work on a WNPP.  No documents have
> said 'Just pick a program, package it,and upload it.'  

The fact is that many people are solid Debian user, are happy to use it. Debian
Linux is my OS, for example. I use only Debian now and I'm very satisfied. I
think many people have the same idea. So it's normal that I'd like to help my
OS, so it can become better. So many people (myself included) want to work for
debian because it's their own OS and working for it, they work for theirselves
too. Therefore it's normal that they want to package programs that they use
but not yet in Debian distribution. Why must they leave this project for a
WNPP? Probably in future they will understand better the whole project and will
give help for WNPP too. 


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