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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

>No, it isn't. There isn't a single good reason to partition a disk into
>little chunks on a end-user workstation - and these days there are some
>valid but generally not very important reasons to do it on a server.
>The two most compelling reasons to carve a single drive into little
>partitions are space management and mounting /usr readonly. On a
>single user workstation neigther are very important, and for alot of
>servers they are not important either.
>It used to be a good idea to partition like this because drives were small
>and unreliable, so you bought a /usr, /var, /home DRIVE simply to have
>enough space.

Currently the ReiserFS does not support booting.  So if you use ReiserFS (which
you want to do for a squid cache, for /usr/src, and for anything else that has
lots of little files) then you must have your hard drive partitioned.
The released RAID drivers (in 2.2.11) do not have decent support for RAID on
the root device.  Until the kernel drivers matching the raidtools2 package
become standard (or we start making such kernels standard as Red Hat have done)
if you want RAID you don't do it on the root file system.
If you want to use RAID-1 as much as possible (very desirable for servers and
handy for work-stations) or ReiserFS then you need a small partition with /bin,
/sbin, /etc, /boot, /dev, /lib and mount-points or sym-links for everything
Unfortunately for a smaller system with RAID-1 or ReiserFS you want to have all
this on one partition and no distribution supports such a setup at all.

BTW Are there any plans to put raidtools2 into base and maybe on the rescue
disks once the kernel patch goes in?  Where I'm currently working every
serious server machine runs RAID-1 everywhere.  Linux is not used for serious

My contract ends next week.  I'd be happy to do a week's work in the US for
a round-trip air-fare and all expenses.

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