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Re: dselect and customizable key bindings

At around Sun, 1 Aug 1999 23:27:03 +0300,
 Panu Hällfors <panupa@iki.fi> may have mentioned:

> > > If the keybindings are to be customizable, at least be sure to
> > > hide the configuration very well!
> > 
> > it would also seem a possiblity to let the user choose from sets of
> > pre-rolled keybindings
> Well, in fact this is _just_ the situation that I'm afraid of.
> Let's have a situation:
>  a) A newbie installs Debian, using emacs bindings.
>  b) The same poor guy wants to install more packages and starts
>     dselect: "What? Which keybindings did I use last time? I think
>     it was these vi bindings..."

since the access method you choose is persistent across invocations, i
don't see why the keybinding stuff couldn't/shouldn't be either.
wouldn't that take care of your concern?  if not, i would presume you have
a problem w/ the fact that the access method is persistent across 

> The keybindings may be defined in a configuration file or on command
> line but not anywhere where a common user will bump into them.

i don't see a problem w/ some choosing from a set of keybindings and to
have this choice be persistent as mentioned above.  as far as tweaking
individual keybindings, it wouldn't bother me too much if i couldn't
change them inside dselect.

i also think that your worries that start:

   'happens if a newbie...'

could be mitigated greatly if there were two modes 'beginner/newbie' and
'advanced' for dselect -- not that i really think it is necessary.

> Well, there's my pennies, I'm off to a week long trip now. :)

if you get this before you leave on or during your trip, have a nice
trip.  if you get it after you get back, i hope you had a pleasant trip :-)

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