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Debian Weekly News - August 17th, 1999

Debian Weekly News 
Debian Weekly News - August 17th, 1999
Welcome to the 31st issue of Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the
Debian developer community.

LinuxWorld Expo was the big event of the week. Debian received a
Visitors' Choice award for Best Client Distribution. Debian was also a
finalist in the Editors' Choice awards for Best Web Server, Best Mail
Server and overall Best Server Distribution. Expo pictures are also

Also at LinuxWorld Expo, Corel demoed their Corel Linux Distribution,
based on Debian. It includes a graphical 4 question install process,
and also has a apt frontend that uses QT, which can be seen [9]here.
Many people have criticized Debian for being difficult to install.
Christopher W. Curtis started a [10]discussion on how the Corel Debian
installer can make things easier for the new user.

A warning to people upgrading from slink to potato: a dependency
problem was [11]discovered in the bash package that would cause bash
to be removed from your system when you upgrade. A fixed bash package
has already been [12]uploaded.

Joey Hess [13]proposed a major update to slink (Debian 2.1). Under the
proposal, major packages that have been tested for 2-4 months will be
incoporated into slink. Hopefully, this experiment will help cut down
on Debian's future release cycles. Response so far as been largely
positive, and work is underway.

Freeze watch: the latest [14]BugScan report from Wichert Akkerman
shows 208 release-critical bugs in potato. Several developers have
carefully gone through the report and identified possible solutions
for many of the bugs. A bug-squatter team is needed to fix remaining
release critical bugs after the freeze. Please [15]contact our release
manager if you are willing to volunteer.

As usual, a summary of news from the Debian-JP project is
New packages added to Debian this week include the following 11 and
[17]40 more:
  * [18]bsh: A Java scripting environment.
  * [19]httptunnel: Tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests.
  * [20]libpth: The GNU Portable Threads ([21]dev and [22]doc)
  * [23]sfio: Enhanced library for managing I/O streams. ([24]dev)
  * [25]wmtv: Dockable video4linux tv player for windowmaker
  * [26]yacas: computer algebra system
  * [27]zebra: A routing software package for TCP/IP network
  * [28]zope: The Z Object Publishing Environment
This short issue of Debian Weekly News is edited by Randolph Chung,
standing in for Joey Hess while he was hard-at-work at LinuxWorld
Expo. Joey will be back next week.

Thanks to Joey Hess, and Katsura S . Yoshio for [29]contributing.

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