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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registere

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, David Welton wrote:

> > No "problems" .. New maintainer processing is frozen at the moment
> > ..
> Excuse me for not being terrible informed about all the political
> intracacies of Debian - I'm not terribly interested in them, being
> more concerned with hacking on cool free software. However, I'm
> finding myself in a position of not understanding how it came to pass
> that this was just 'decided'.  I mean, we vote on things like the
> logo... and yet something as momentous as closing Debian just happens?
> I guess if it were "temporary, until we can vote on it" it might be
> one thing, necessary to expedite something deemed important to have
> carried out in a timely manner, until such time as it could be decided
> by vote, but - the duration is apparently "until the next release",
> which as many Debian people may know, might be a bit...
> So, to borrow a phrase, what's the deal with that?
Don't shoot! I'm not a maintainer yet..

My reasoning is a guess... it's "until further notice" (iirc), which I
assume is potato stability ;-) .. As I've stated, I think it's a good idea
to have compulsory mentors, whereby before a new maintainer is given full
status, they must be lead by a current maintainer, and when the quality
of packages is sufficient, and the mentor recommends it, they can
become a full maintainer..

Joey is the one who has put his foot down (perhaps after having someone
stand on his hand..) but I'm unaware of the facts beyond what I've been
told.  James asked Joey about my maintainership, Joey apparently said not
just yet .. <shrug> ..

My recommendation: Wait it out. Do what you can .. and do it well.


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