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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

Aaron Faby <aaron@yourlink.net> writes:

> It should be a choice presented to the user during installation.
> Give them a few options such as "Partition Drive(s) (For Advanced
> Users)",
> or  "Use Recommended Partition Table", which will basically be a swap
> partition and just a plain ole "/" partition which will be fine for most
> people in most cases. The swap partition size can also be either 

Its a big slowdown and a stability risk to only have /. The filesystem 
fragments a lot and gets slow. If / is full, linux crashes. You can't
mount anything readonly and the chance that the filesystem is broken
after a crash is much higher with just one partiton and the effect is

> specified by user or set to double the machines RAM (from what I
> understand, this is the best choice) in another menu. Remember, 

Thats not true at all anymore. Twice the main memory for swap is an
efficiency rule. More swap becomes so inefficient that its not worth
it and you should by more RAM if more is needed.

Nowadays, with the cheap RAM prices the rule becomes a waste of
diskspace. With 512 MB main ram, 1GB of swap is just a waste for
normal users. On a system with >64 MB ram, no swap is needed normaly
(but its nice to have a spare partition to put base on in an

> Corel is marketing to the average Joe user and also aims at the
> desktop market. But they should also include the options for
> the advanced users to take advantage of their knowledge. Average
> Joe User doesnt care about partitions, nor should they have to.

How far is the Corel stuff, haven't heard anything about it?

May the Source be with you.

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