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Re: Debian developer vacations

Justin Maurer <justin@slashdot.org> writes:

> > Bad idea..  Some of us would rather not have this sort of info so
> > centralized about us---especially if it's available to non-developers.  I
> > might let everyone here know that I'm going to be at LWE next week and
> isn't the obvious solution to then just post to -private and not bother 
> with this if you don't feel like it?

The problem is that I and many others do not pay attention to the
vacation posting unless I *know* that I want to contact that person.
If I come across a new urgent bug, I will not check past postings to
see if the maintainer is on vacation.  However, I don't like having my 
information centralized either, therefore I do not post my vacation

There is not a superb solution to this problem, but the current
solution is probably good enough.

Kevin Dalley

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