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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registere

[Ob. disclamier: I have missed a lot of the discussion, but since it is
quite an old issue I thought I'd butt in. If I am speaking out of my arse I
apologise humbly and grovle in a most humiliating fashion.]

If it is going to become standard procedure to temporarily close Debian to
new developers some time before each freeze (for whatever reason), maybe it
might be a good idea to have a page where prospective developers can find
out what the current status of new developer registration is.

The current situation is not a good one. Stating publicly that anyone can
become a developer (in fact making it a selling point), and then having the
poor eager sods wait for god knows how long (in some cases) to be accepted
is frankly wrong. The least we could do is revise this attitude somewhat,
and show potential developers just a tad more courtesy by at least
informing them what the status is regarding the acceptance of new

While I think the current 'acceptors' are doing a good job (I had my
application processed very quickly), it seems that they are stretching
themselves a bit too thin at times. I have to say I find the assertion that
there is not a single other person in the entire legion of developers who
can be trusted enough to help with the job utterly preposterous...

So as far as I can see it we either make it official policy that
occasionally we close to new applications *and make that information
publicly available* (not hidden away in a message in some list archive), or
more people are drafted in to help out. It is only fair to people who want
to help out to keep this the best distribution out there.


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