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Re: Bug #42390

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> Can someone take a look at this bug and see if it is well and truly
> resolved in version -7 of the libc-client package (source package: imap)
> This is a release-critical bug so I would like to fix it quickly.  I'm
> planning on doing another release this weekend so if any further action is
> needed I would be able to do it then.

Ah, this is my bug, sorry I didn't reply. Now I checked your package. It
is still wrong, actually it now has bigger problems now: the shared
library is generated from the same non-pic code as the static library.
There should be two sets of objects (meaning compiling twice): one
compiled with -fPIC, these should be used for generating the shared
library, the other compiled without -fPIC, these should be used for
generating the static library. I know this involves quite a bit of work,
thats why I didn't include this in the patch for building the shared
library I've sent you in the first place ;)

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