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Re: Debian Xconfigurator?

On Tue, Jul 27, 1999 at 03:33:36PM -0400, Steve Dunham wrote:
> I'm not particularly fond of the status quo - too many non-standard
> resolutions/timings included by default.  I want an easy way to say my
> display can do xx frequency range, show me the standard video modes,
> and let me choose.

I agree that this should be an option in the configurator.  It does seem
that certain "standard" modes require considerably less tweaking, however ...

> Also, I believe that while multisync monitors can do a range of
> frequencies, there are certain frequencies that it is better tuned for
> (but I don't have documentation to back this up).  

Neither do I, and I wish I could find some.  The formula for modelines that
actually come out looking right seems to be a jealously guarded secret.
What club do you have to join to get this information?

It wounds me to accept "standard" modes just because someone insists that
they work better, without explaining why!

> Likewise, many
> non-Sony tubes have weird moire effects at the wrong resolution.  

Again, true.  But exactly what parameters affect this?

> Finally, our setup for laptops is pretty poor.  E.g., I've found that
> in practice nearly every 800x600 mode on a laptop uses the same
> timing, but you end up having to edit the XF86Config file on Debian to
> get it to actually use that timing.

Agreed again.  I had to use black magic (xvidtune on a non-syncing display)
to make my old, cheap laptop come in at 800x600.  However, when I recently
set up a friend's new laptop with Debian slink, I noticed in the XFree86
startup messages that the server extracted from the LCD the correct modeline
and used it.  I didn't look into this any further, but it gave me hope!


PS.  Sorry if this topic has bored anyone.  To reduce my temptation to post
again, and in case anyone's interested in some more thoughts on modelines,
I've posted some notes I sent my brother:


Private feedback most welcome!

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