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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Christopher W. Curtis wrote:

> I mist first say that I have not seen the installer; I've seen some screen
> shots but all that is eye candy is not all which is useful.  The most
> confusing thing for many people is how to partition the hard drive.  Red
> Hat and Caldera take the approach that a bad partitioning is better than
> none, and tend to create a swap partition and then a single huge partition
> for data.  Or two.  This is foolishness.

No, it isn't. There isn't a single good reason to partition a disk into
little chunks on a end-user workstation - and these days there are some
valid but generally not very important reasons to do it on a server.

The two most compelling reasons to carve a single drive into little
partitions are space management and mounting /usr readonly. On a
single user workstation neigther are very important, and for alot of
servers they are not important either.

It used to be a good idea to partition like this because drives were small
and unreliable, so you bought a /usr, /var, /home DRIVE simply to have
enough space.


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