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Re: Brining up Potato from scratch

From: Paul M Sargent <pauls@3dlabs.com>

> Hi all,

> If I install slink base I have no network, so I can't upgrade to
> kernel 2.2.x. I know there's a kernel source tree for 2.2.1 on the
> slink disks, but I don't really want to go and install a full build
> system on this box before I upgrade it (It's going to act as a
> target development machine, so I want it as clean as

The deb system takes all the care about all files. Installing and
deinstalling a package leaves no trace of it. So if you install slink
and upgrade then, any differences are big bugs. The system should be
100% clean after an update. 

> possible). Besides when I did try that the build fell over because
> it couldn't compile the inline assembler despite binutils being
> installed.

The kernel contains 16 Bit asm, which needs the special binutils for
16 bit (bin86 I think). You can run make on the kernel source without
it, but not make boot or make bzlilo. Install the 16 bit binutils and
compile again.

Put that image onto the rescuedisk and the modules onto the drv disk
and wipe the drive, if you want to be absolutly sure you only have
potato on the drives.


I do have a potato box here, so if I need to create disks from it I can.
So just compile the kernel there. :)

May the Source be with you.

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