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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

Edward Brocklesby wrote:

> I find Debian's install to be nice and easy to use, but I accept that some
> people don't.

I don't mind the install, either, but it's the achilie's (sp?) heel of
choice, and one which Corel is currently addressing.

> > /etc  -- small, 16-32MB, mounted read-write, 0% reserve
> You cannot have /etc on a seperate partition - how will you change files used
> on / before it's mounted, eg /etc/fstab?

Ack.  You're right.  The same thing applies to /dev.  I guess the root
filesystem (for all practical purposes) _has_ to be mounted read-write. 
Syslog opens a file in /dev and anyone wanting raw access to anything in
/dev would probably have trouble as well.  I don't want to create a slew
of partitions for the sake of doing so, but I think it would be ideal if
it were possible to never fsck / after a crash.  This may not be so.

To append to another message I just sent, I also like /var being by itself
for logfiles.  In case all the other partitions fill you aren't left not
knowing what's happening (assuming of course you give yourself enough


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