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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

On Aug 16, Decklin Foster wrote:
> ncc@cs.mcgill.ca (Nick Cabatoff) writes:
> > * Even if it's a workstation, it may not be maintained by the person
> > who sits at it, and it may have more than one account on it.  A user
> > shouldn't be able to incapacitate it, which may well occur when /tmp
> > or /var gets filled.
> In this case, the person who sets up the box is will probably know how
> to use (c)fdisk. We don't need to start making decisions for people; I
> really don't think it's wise for someone to split up their drive
> unless they understand *why* they would want to do so. just my $0.02.

Oh, I agree with that - I just thought that the message I was replying
to was making some rather general claims that I didn't agree with.  For
ordinary users, I think at most a seperate /var and /home make sense,
and even that's likely too complicated to do properly.

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