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Re: [RFD] install criticisms

On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 11:25:22PM +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> >  * Please direct replies to -boot, please keep me Cc'd as I am not
> >  * subscribed to that list, thankyou.
> >  *
> >  * ObDevelAnnounce: I want this to reach all developers so they are at
> >  * least aware of the criticisms raised.  Discussion from this point on
> >  * should happen in -boot, not -devel-announce for obvious reasons.
> This is a general debian-devel or debian-boot issue -- why is it on
> debian-devel-announce? I'm even more surprised that you would set followups
> to debian-boot to which you are not even subscribed.
> Perhaps we could have -devel-announce moderated. Any comment from our
> listmasters?

I should have sent the message to -boot and then commented about it on
-devel-announce.  I decided not to add more noise to the lists by
commenting about it there once someone made it apparent to me that I
should have.

On the other hand, you decided that you should add more noise to the lists
by posting a pointless "why was this off topic message posted here?"
message.  This message should have been sent to me and me alone if
anywhere.  The same goes for anyone else who has a problem with anything I
post.  No promises I'll read it and even less promises I'll reply and beg
your forgiveness, still..  To the complaint of off-topic posting to the
list, I can only say:  Pot, kettle, black.

As for not being subscribed to -boot, I'm likely to soon not be subscribed
to -devel most likely because of senseless noise and the difficulty of
sifting through it for something worth reading and additional time
constraints that will likely make doing so a waste of valuable study time.
Does that mean the day I unsubscribe from -devel I may no longer post a
message there?  If you read it, the Reply-to was set to both that list and
myself.  If that's not enough, too bad.

My apologies for misdirecting the original message and for further adding
to the noise ratio with this one, especially given that most likely the
people who should be reading this message (there are a few of them at
least) probably won't.  As to those this reply pisses off, right now I'm
far too tired to care.  I might care tomorrow after I actually have had a
couple of hours' sleep, but somehow I doubt it.

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