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Believe it or not


yesterday I had to fight hard with my box and have to consider
X as crashed completely.  The situation was as follows.

The system is mainly slink. (Nevertheless I think the posting to
debian-devel is apropriate)
I worked under X (fvwm2).
After starting an e2fsck of the parallel-port zipdrive as root at
the console, my mouse cursor moved to the top right corner of the
screen.  I was able to move the mouse to any other position, but
it immediately returned to the top right corner.
The keyboard was disabled.  No input in the active window nor
<Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Backspace> to shut X down worked.
Switching to console was impossible, too.
I looked in over the network and did step by step killing all
X clients.  (The e2fsck process was finished, but the situation
has not changed.)
After killing fvwm2 (xinit ended as well) all worked like before.
After startx I was able to work as usual.

I post it here because I detected strange interferences between
zip drive and X not the first time.  This was just the hardest
case which would me hav let press power-off if I weren't connected
with another box.

Could someone imagine a reason for that behaviour.  Oh, yes, for
the sake of interest, the kernel is 2.2.4.

Kind regards


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