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Re: Believe it or not

On Wed, Aug 04, 1999 at 03:17:55PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Nils Rennebarth wrote:
> > does it generate interrupts?
> How to check that?
Look at the output of the X server try X 2> foo, crtl-alt-bs out of X, and
look at foo, and look at the output of SuperProbe.
Also, many BIOSes display info on PCI IRQ use on boot.  (Or is that ISA

> > Do you use ECP or EPP or just the plain normal parallel port?
> I havn't installed additional patches.  I thought, 2.2 kernels have
> EPP included, havn't they?
They do, what is at issue is if it is in use.  Fire up your ZIP as you had
it at the time, and cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport[n]/hardware and look
at the mode and IRQ lines.  (Mode=PCSPP is PC Simple Parallel Port, BTW, and
not some weird thing.)

> > If you use the parallel port in polling mode and it shares the IRQ with
> > the grahpics board, that *could* be a reason.
> How to check that or better how to avoid that?
Disable interupts on one of them if they use the same IRQ.

	-=- James Mastros

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