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Brining up Potato from scratch

Hi all,

I'm trying to get Potato installed on to one of my machines I've got here.
My normal route has been to install slink base and then point apt at the
unstable archive. A few commands later I'm running potato.

My problem with this machine is that I can't get the network running under
Kernel 2.0.x. 2.2.x works great but I've found myself in a little catch 22.

If I install slink base I have no network, so I can't upgrade to kernel
2.2.x. I know there's a kernel source tree for 2.2.1 on the slink disks, but
I don't really want to go and install a full build system on this box before
I upgrade it (It's going to act as a target development machine, so I want
it as clean as possible). Besides when I did try that the build fell over
because it couldn't compile the inline assembler despite binutils being

So, any suggestions how I can get this install started. Basically I need a
2.2.x kernel with a 3com Vortex driver available to it, that I can boot and
start the apt process with.

I do have a potato box here, so if I need to create disks from it I can.


Paul Sargent                mailto: Paul.Sargent@3Dlabs.com

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