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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 12:07:04PM -0400, Christopher W. Curtis wrote:
> Hello all (not on list),
> I just wanted to say hi and drop a suggestion about the install.  Debian's
> install is a thing of beauty, much in the same way that a baby ravenous
> predator beast might be.  So I'd like to address this primarily to the
> people working on Corel's installer for Debian.

I find Debian's install to be nice and easy to use, but I accept that some
people don't.

> for data.  Or two.  This is foolishness.

It works well enough for home users, IMHO.

> Also, I would like to try to emphasize filesystem layout on the partitions
> so that they can be used most effectively:

> /etc  -- small, 16-32MB, mounted read-write, 0% reserve

You cannot have /etc on a seperate partition - how will you change files used
on / before it's mounted, eg /etc/fstab?


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