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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Russell Coker wrote:

> Currently the ReiserFS does not support booting.  So if you use ReiserFS (which
> you want to do for a squid cache, for /usr/src, and for anything else that has
> lots of little files) then you must have your hard drive partitioned.
> The released RAID drivers (in 2.2.11) do not have decent support for RAID on
> the root device.  Until the kernel drivers matching the raidtools2 package

Both of these problems are primarily due to lilo, they are solved by
making /boot it's own ext2 partition and leaving / as whatever. For RAID
you should be using the latest raid patches (found in the ac series) which
have support to autosetup the RAID partitions. [have a system doing this,
it works well]

If you only want parts like /usr/src /var/spool on something like Reiser
then you can always take a wack of unpartitioned space and mount it
someplace and use symlinks - or mount it directly [one of our boxes has a
dedicated 250M /var/spool soly for the mail queue, mounted on /var/spool]. 

Nothing requires you to have small, seperate partitions in advance to do
any of this.


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