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Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer

"Christopher W. Curtis" wrote:
> Hello all (not on list),
> /     -- small, 32-64MB, mounted readonly, 0% reserve
> /etc  -- small, 16-32MB, mounted read-write, 0% reserve
> /usr  -- dependent on packages selected, readonly, 2% reserve
> /var  -- dependent on packages selected, read-write, 5% reserve
> /opt,/usr/local -- medium, read-write, 2-5% reserve
>      I say read-write for /usr/local/var, etc.
> /home -- remainder, read-write, 2% reserve (assume large)

I always, always, always add a /boot partition on x86 machines. This should be
the first partition on the drive and about 10 megs is enough.

Typically I number kernels like:


This insures that the kernels are under the 1024 cyl limit and since this is
one of the least used partitions (should only be read/write once every 3-6
months), there is little chance of any corruption.

This is of course not needed on machines which don't have that silly 1024 cyl

I then seperate the rest by use:


All on one partition. These are the minimum needed to boot a machine.

/home [depends on number of drivers & how many users if it's with /usr & /var]

All on one partition. These are typically read/written the most often.


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