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[Sponsor] A list of people looking for sponsor on the web !

[ I cced some future developers that expressed their interest in the
  sponsorship ]
[ Follow-up on debian-devel please ]


the sponsor idea has some success so I wrote a CGI script to keep
track of people looking for sponsors.

Here it is :

If you're a future Debian developer and would like that an official
Debian developer check your packages, then please fill the form
available on this page.

If you're an official Debian developer willing to sponsor some
people please give a look at this page from time to time and
sponsor them (you also have a little form to fill) !

I hope that the sponsor system (with this page) can be useful
to future Debian developers.

Actually AFAIK some people have already been successfully sponsored.
Ben Hendrickson has packaged a new version of xevil and completely packaged
from scratch darxite (in Incoming). Frankie Fisher packaged
soundtracker (already installed). And Ashley Clark packaged bottlerocket
(in Incoming). Other people may have already been sponsored
but i've not heard of them.

None of them are official developers yet but now they are mostly 
ready to become it !

Raphaël Hertzog -=- http://ntux.u-strasbg.fr/~raphael/
<pub> CDs Debian : http://ntux.u-strasbg.fr/~raphael/debian/#cd </pub>

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