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[no subject] "EMU10K1/Audigy soundcard not found or device busy" "extension "GLX" missing on display..." "Fixing" dependency problems with some sort of alias? "Make" error message -- Solved! "The filesystem was not created" during installation "Yahoo briefcase"-like app? $Id$ tags and merging with CVS re:%20re: epson stylus c84 problems 'su by nobody' - should I be worried? (50 % solved)how to export messages from outlook express (auto-response) Re: REMOVE WSEAS Re: (maybe solved -- well, not) Re: apt-get reports conflicts while installing j2sdk (maybe solved) Re: apt-get reports conflicts while installing j2sdk (no subject) (No Subject) Re: (no subject) [AOL user calling for help] Re: (No Subject) [OT] (Sid): gnome-setting-daemon crashed on boot Re: (SOLVED) phpmyadmin: help! (Solved) Re: usb scanner, kernel 2.6.3 Re:(transl: file transfer within VLAN) Re: (unknown) - Forza Tesori - Automated Response .xinitrc, .xsession /boot is readonly file system -why? /dev/cdrom and 2.6 - what should /dev look like and how do I get there the Right Way /dev/psaux /dev/psaux missing when using udev /etc/hosts ignored /etc/hotplug/blacklist /etc/profile and setting env variables RE: /proc/cpuinfo file is not being populated properly for HT /usr/bin/mail help Re: /usr/bin/mail help - SOLVED /var Partition Full from APT Packages 03/20/04 version of new installer with Lilo? 2 problems after sid update (nvidia and kde menus) 2.4.22 kernel no longer boots 2.6 kernel being less responsive than 2.4 2.6 on_ac_power anacron APM fix 2.6 removed in Sarge? 2.6.3 Kernel Versions 2.6.4 initrd umount problem workaround 2.6.4 on shutdown 2.6: suspend could work, but it wakes up immediately Re: 2nd NIC: Netgear FA-330, insmod problem 3D broken in unstable ? 530 Incorrect Login ;I^ncrease_ ^ D.IC_K L;ENGT-H jdjhjfqotyk << In Ihrem versendeten Dateianhang wurde ein VIRUS festgestellt >> <AUTO> {HBL#908-828}Weah, hello! :-) Norton AntiVirus 在您发送的消息中发现了病毒,并将其隔离。 instalação ALERTA - Se generó el número de alerta OA5343_1079565360_MAILSERVER_1 de GroupShield Dolmetscher und Hostessen für Messeeinsätze gesucht! Erzeugung bootfähiger Installations-CDs für Debian-Linux Erzeugung bootfähiger Installations-CDs InterScan MSS has deleted a message no entregado Problems with Intel® Server SE7501WV2 & SCSI HOST RAID Respuesta automática / Automatic delivery Sécurité BIND - Changing BIND's USER [FR] Vírus encontrado na mensagem "something for you" Virus détecté dans le message "fake" Potwierdzenie dostarczenia dokumentów Re: Terribly slow gui (gnome&kde), - EGY ÁRÉRT! Re: Terribly slow gui (gnome&kde) Executable détecté dans le message. Refusé. [ Re: [OT]Europe Supports Antitrust Ruling Against Microsoft] Re: [ARIN-20040329.92] Re: Order [Auto-Reply] Re: Re: Thanks! Re: [debian-knoppix] nvidia and kernel-image-2.6.3-1-k7 [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: rip VCD audio]] [Fwd: Re: ATI drivers 3.7.0 for XFree 4.3 *just now* released?!?] [Fwd: Re: Next stable release: 13 CD's] [Fwd: Re: Question about sarge installation.] [Fwd: Re: rip VCD audio] [Fwd: Re: sarge installer ver. 03/10/2004] [Fwd: Re: SOS for Free Software Knowldg] [gentoo-user] Re: Question about hardware [HELP] Machine "sleeps" so cron-jobs and shutdown don't work. [ Re: x window?$B$,N)>e$j$^$;$s!#] [Mozilla Answers found] Take those Google handcuffs off [Mozilla Q] What are command-line arguments to open a web page in active browser? [OT] buying keyboards [OT] Can't find on Google: How can I determine path to binary in gcc? [OT] Dell Dementia [OT] difference/relation between, directFB and Re: [OT] Dual Athlon motherboards - recommendations? [OT] Greek [was Re: Could you test printing this page ?] [OT] How big are Logitech's balls? [OT] make Pattern Rule problem [OT] Microsoft's teeny punishment by the EU [OT] Re: debian and women? from DWN #10 [OT] robots.txt creation script? [OT]Europe Supports Antitrust Ruling Against Microsoft [Sid] gnucash 1.8.8-5 [SID] kde3.2.1, konqueror and plugins [Sid] mozilla-firefox 0.8-4 Re: [SLUG] Mplayer lacking sound [SOLUTION] Re: Debian (Woody) bf2.4 network card problem [solved!] Sandisk Cruzer USB flash drive -- gaah! [SOLVED] emails not getting to list Re: [Solved] exim4 doesn't connect to smarthost [SOLVED] Re: /etc/hosts ignored [Solved] Re: [Sid] gnucash 1.8.8-5 [SOLVED] Re: [Sid] mozilla-firefox 0.8-4 [Solved] Re: apt-get update always "ign" [SOLVED] Re: mozilla producing invalid ps files? [solved] Re: problems mounting MS-DOS floppy [Solved} Re: procps broken? dpkg can't process it. [spraysvar] hi [Incident: 040311-000177] About Mplayer about tool / utilities for networking ( is there any ? ) About: Help us make the Debian CDs even better Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 1210SA Address Incorrect Advice for setting up a file server Advice on tulip driver Advice: making the move to all-SCSI After XFree/KDE upgrades fonts shrunk about 5 points AGP speed with Xfree86 agpgart aperture setting aic7xxx kernel freeze... ALERT - Virus W32/Netsky.d@MM found; an attachment/message has be en quarantined alsa and ecasound2.2 Re: alsa and ecasound2.2 SOLVED ALSA Cannot find Sound Device alsa modules alsa modules problem on Debian Woody 3.0 r2 ALSA Questions Alsa with 2.4.24 amavisd-new Amavisd-new+Exim3 trouble amule Ann: gpm-X guide Another harmless error on bootup Another question regarding tulip driver with 2.4 kernel Re: Any reason why mounting /tmp as tmpfs would be a bad idea? Anyone seen this? Anyone using win32-x11? Re: Re: aol art files: Re: aol voicemail Apache and mod_ssl.... apache cannot load Apache Include directive with wildcards??? apache problem Apache questions....... apache restart fails but initial start is ok Apache/Tomcat integration on Debian? Application Applying Kernel patches apt cache apt problem after dist upgrade, woody > sarge apt questions apt-cacher (was: Re: Speeding apt by multiple connections) apt-get install from testing got me into trouble with perl and libpng apt-get question apt-get reports conflicts while installing j2sdk apt-get segmentation fault Re: apt-get sources.list apt-get update always "ign" apt-get upgrade confusion. apt-get upgrade question apt-get won't install tomcat4 apt-get: purging a package that has already been removed? aptitude stopped automatically upgrading packages aptitude update is boke Aptitude Wants to Delete/Remove Way Too Much are there any software to do symbolic programming Asking for ATA congiguration via debian..... Re: Asking for help: installing debian on Athlon needing nvidia driver ATI driver dependency hell ATI drivers 3.7.0 for XFree 4.3 *just now* released?!? ATI radeon 3.7.6 driver installation horror ATI Radeon 7500 & Woody - Unknown Chipset (0x5157) Attachment Blocked - PacifiCare policy Attachment Blocking Attachment Filter Attachments in DebBug broken? ATTENZIONE: Ricevuto VIRUS da The last update was on 19:21 GMT Sun Apr 15. There are 5166 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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