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RE: [OT] Microsoft's teeny punishment by the EU

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> Subject: [OT] Microsoft's teeny punishment by the EU
> Even though I still have a bunch of stock, and I'm a linux 
> lover now, so 
> I cheer if it goes up and I cheer if it goes down, I was expecting 
> Europe to really nail Microsoft to the wall.  I dunno, I 
> expected some 
> surrogate America-bashing, or just a really f-you to an American 
> company.  Even though it's a record for the EU, it's a pittance to 
> Microsoft and will be barely noticed.
> What happened?  Do they just have not much power?  Why so light?
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I doubt anyone in Microsoft regards it a pittance.
Just because they are able to pay, does not mean they will be happy
about paying.

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