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Re: Asking for ATA congiguration via debian.....

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 11:21, Predesta Yudha wrote:
> Dear Sir Or Madam
>    My name is Pri Desta Yudha, Male, 24 years old, Indonesian, student at
> Dept. Of Physics Majoring in Instrumentation Electronics, University Of
> Indonesia. I'm in last semester, today I get last assignment to
> graduate. My last assignment about using debian distro  to build
> database system with mysql as database server in Dept Of Physics,
> University Of Indonesia. I got problem in ATA configuration, included
> memory, setting-up back-up dat for once in 24 hours, power-down 
> back-up, etc..  on Debian. Can you help me to show how to config in
> Debian. My computer specs are...
>        1. P4 Intel Hyperthreading 2.4 GHz.
>        2. Asus Motherboard P4P800.
>        3. Harddisk 80 GB (2 HDD).
>    Thanks for Debian Team...
> Sincerelly Yours

Your question is very politely asked, and that's an excellent first
step, but it is an very vague question on a very broad subject. I fear
that you will not get the answers you a looking for. You will have much
better chances of getting useful answers if you ask specific questions
focused on a clearly identified problem for which you explain as
precisely as possible the conditions in which the problem occurs. More
specifically in your case it is unclear what you mean by "ATA
configuration" and you fail to describe any problem.

Ask the question again in different terms and you will get better

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