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Re: ATI drivers 3.7.0 for XFree 4.3 *just now* released?!?

Number Six wrote:

On Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 05:38:52PM -0500, Nick Lidakis wrote:

Thanks for the excellent information, adding the list back in as they would also like to know. One thing I just noticed is mplayer is using the "x11" -vo device even though in debconf I specified "xv".

My Mplayer does that on occasion, reverts to X11 for no good reason. I just switch it back to Xv in preferences and restart.

I'm pretty sure "xv" used to work on my 9700 but now I've switched to a 9800XT. I'll probably have to search the forums for spomething this specific but do you have any insight about xv support? in 9800? in the
latest drivers? etc?

"All radeons have open source 2D support." This is according to the DRI website. I had problems with Xv and overlay under Xfree 4.2 and my 9700 pro. It all works nicely now that I'm using Xfree 4.3. As far as I know, Xv should work with Xfree 4.3 and the 9800XT, but I could be wrong.

Sorry for the personal reply, my error.

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