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Re: Ann: gpm-X guide

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 12:00:03PM -0600, Rthoreau@iwon.com wrote:

| >>Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
| >>For those who have had trouble or will have trouble in the future
| >>getting gpm and X to cooperate, I have now published a short guide
| >>on how to do it successfully.  Enjoy.
| >>
| >>http://dman13.dyndns.org/~dman/config_docs/gpm-X/

| The only problem I have had is not setting the repeat_type=raw,

I'm glad it was a help.

| I let gpmconfig set the default settings using imps2 protocol.  Then
| setup X  mouse settings to use gpmdata, but it borked my x, when I
| set it to repeat_type=raw it fixed the problem.   

That's the result I would expect.  (see below)

| Weird how did you know to use the raw value?

Reading the manpage, only two values are valid - 'ms3' or 'raw'.  If
you set repeat_type=ms3 in gpm.conf, then you must set the protocol X
uses to the same one (I think "IntelliMouse" or "PS/2" might be the X
name for gpm's "ms3" protocol).  If you set gpm's repeat type to 'ms3'
and tell X the device (gpm) is speaking IMPS/2 then it doesn't work.
Of course, in that scenario the scroll wheel won't work in X.  That's
why I choose 'raw' and then make sure X uses the same protocol gpm is

| Anyway a nice little guide, even though I really don't know that
| many console programs that use a mouse by default.  I guess cut and
| paste is still pretty cool in console, but then I always use up
| arrow key and tab completion anyway.  

I generally use the mouse only for cut-n-paste.  You don't realize how
useful it is until it is unavailable.  I recently learned that setting
"mouse=a" in vim allows the mouse to interact with it on the console
or in xterm (but not aterm).

| I also noticed that after one does a gpmconfig and chooses to test 
| the mouse, after you press ctrl D, go back to your console your new 
| configured mouse does not work on that screen.  But if you change to 
| a different VC you have total mouse control.  Anyone notice this, 
| yes X is not running, I was configuring gpmconfig as root, thought I 
| had messed up the settings again.  Maybe someone should file a bug 
| report, or is this a feature?

I have no idea.  It's been ages since the last time I ran 'gpmconfig'.
(well, I guess new installations run it, but I just override the
settings anyways since I know the correct values and it just works)


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