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Re: [Sid] gnucash 1.8.8-5

On Thu, 18 Mar 2004 19:07:59 +0100
Wolfgang Lonien <wjlonien@gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi group/list,
> my wife has since yesterday:
> wjl@handa-1:~$ gnucash
> Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to C
> Backtrace:
> In unknown file:
>     ...
>    ?: 37  (begin (if # #) (make-modules-in # full-name))

		[ rest of backtrace snipped ]

> Anyone with the same? Suggestions? Or where do I look for the bug list
> for that one?

You go to packages.debian.org, look for the gnucash package in sid,
then click on "Check for bug reports about gnucash."

Or, you go to bugs.debian.org, type in the package name you want to
get a bug list for into the correct spot in the form, and hit "Find."

You may also want to look at:


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