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Re: agpgart aperture setting

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 09:36:56AM -0800, Arthur Barlow wrote:
> I just build a new computer and I'm trying to set up Debian Sid on it. 
> The motherboard is an MSI KT400 for an Athlon-XP processor.  I'm using an
> MSI video card with the Nvidia FX5200 chipset and 128M of memory.

Your motherboard is Via-based and the card is AGP-8x.

> it says something like, "unable to determine agpgart aperture size."

Your kernel doesn't support 8x AGP on a Via chipset.

> The kernel is the 2.4.25 version and I compiled in the agpgart module.

No 2.4.x kernel supports 8x AGP on Via.

> Maybe there's a start up setting I can use.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

And maybe there's not.

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