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Re: ATI drivers 3.7.0 for XFree 4.3 *just now* released?!?

On Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 05:38:52PM -0500, Nick Lidakis wrote:
> Number Six wrote:
> >Why does ATI claim they are just now released, and what does Slashdot 
> >think so as well?
> >

Thanks for the excellent information, adding the list back in as they 
would also like to know.  One thing I just noticed is mplayer is using 
the "x11" -vo device even though in debconf I specified "xv".

I'm pretty sure "xv" used to work on my 9700 but now I've switched to a 
9800XT.  I'll probably have to search the forums for spomething this 
specific but do you have any insight about xv support?  in 9800?  in the 
latest drivers? etc?

> The Slashdot story is inaccurate. ATI released 3.7.1 on the fourth with 
> a one line changelog; "Added 9800XT support".
> This pissed off alot of the regulars who have been documenting issues 
> with ATI's 3.7.0 driver release, only to wait two months said  added ChipID.
> The drivers were pulled several hours later; many folks were having 
> problems just starting their X servers regardless of which card they had.
> There is a sticky thread at the Rage3D Linux forum here: 
> http://www.rage3d.com/board/forumdisplay.php?s=7237387fb3bcfc501d16f7cbfe59dee4&forumid=61
> I have a ATI radeon 9700 Pro, and 2D in Debian's unstable Xfree 4.3. Xv 
> and overlay is fixed.
> According to the forum, there is a "hotfix" on the way, whatever that 
> means; the 3.7.0 drivers were unstable to say the least and provided 
> abysmal performance.
> The only positive: the RPM was easy to debianize via alien and install 
> via dpkg.
> One really glaring negative IMO, the ATI team claimed that the 3.7.0 
> drivers were written from scratch --as opposed to continuing with the 
> Schneider [sp?] drivers--  and renamed the new driver 3.2 from 3.7.
> If the driver was rewritten from scratch, it should have been labeled an 
> alpha or beta release at best. Don't up the number, fooling those who 
> don't know any better that these drivers have matured in some way. They 
> are playing Jonses with nvidia me thinks.

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