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Re: [OT] Microsoft's teeny punishment by the EU

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Pigeon <jah.pigeon@ukonline.co.uk> writes:

> On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 07:28:31PM -0500, ScruLoose wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 07:37:10AM -0800, Number Six wrote:
>> > Even though I still have a bunch of stock, and I'm a linux lover now, so 
>> > I cheer if it goes up and I cheer if it goes down, I was expecting 
>> > Europe to really nail Microsoft to the wall.  I dunno, I expected some 
>> > surrogate America-bashing, or just a really f-you to an American 
>> > company.  Even though it's a record for the EU, it's a pittance to 
>> > Microsoft and will be barely noticed.
>> > 
>> > What happened?  Do they just have not much power?  Why so light?
>> My understanding is that the main point of the ruling was not so much 
>> the dollar amount of the fine, but the ruling that MS must unbundle 
>> Media Player AND open up all the undocumented 'features' and 'standards' 
>> in Windows so that competitors' apps get a level playing field.
> Yes. Though it was on the BBC six o'clock news tonight, and they
> didn't mention that bit at all... just the fine and the Media Player
> bit.

But wait, there's more!

> The headline was "War on Windows"!


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