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Re: Another question regarding tulip driver with 2.4 kernel

Kent West wrote:
Brian Walker wrote:

Kent West wrote:

Compiling a kernel is a great thing to do if you want the education, or if you have some esoteric need to do so, but for 90%+ of the population out there, the standard Debian kernels will do just fine.

That should be the case here; support for the tulip driver is built-into the standard 2.4 kernels.

So, just "apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.24-686" (or whatever kernel version you want -- "apt-cache search kernel-image-2.4" will show you a list of available versions). After the reboot into the new kernel, you may find that the tulip driver has already loaded automagically; if not, just run "modconf" and select the "tulip" driver.

Hmm ... I just did that for the sheer joy of it. The last kernel I rolled was done according to this site:

You did what for the sheer joy of it; apt-get'ted a new kernel, or rolled your own?

apt-getted (or apt-got) - and it was great to see how easily it went.


so I went ahead and did:
#apt-get install kernel-image-2.6-386

after editing /etc/lilo.conf to include the line

the install went ahead. A symlink to initrd.img was not found (as I recollect) so the install went ahead and created one. (Must say that I cannot find an initrd.img anywhere on the system) /sbin/lilo-v followed, and a reboot.

It should be in /boot. It should have been installed automatically.  Nor

Indeed it is - many thank for the reference. But ls -l shows that there is no symlink to the initrd.img. Should there be one? This is where the apt-get called a problem, and seemed to be doing just that.

should you have needed to run lilo; that should have been part of the "apt-get install..." process also. It sounds like the apt-get process wasn't completed properly.

Ah ... when I saw the reference to the need to edit /etc/llo.conf, I opened another xterm, edited the file accordingly, and returned to apt-get. The question had been to stop apt-get, and I had bypased that to edit the file in question, thinking this would ease the process. Do you think that was the problem??

Reboot resulted in kernel panic. So here I am with the old kernel and a functioning LILO

What have I missed ... well, OK I am missing an initrd.img .... what should I do to fix that?

If the apt-get process worked properly, it should have set up your old kernel as "LinuxOLD" on your lilo menu. If you don't get a menu at boot time, try pressing the Left Shift key (I think that's the correct keystroke) to bring up the menu.

No problem - indeed I do have LinuxOLD, and this is just fine.

If that doesn't work, you'll need to boot off a rescue floppy, or a Debian install CD, or a Knoppix CD, etc, and repair the damage. It's fairly easy, but too complex to explain without knowing what tools you have at hand.

I think I need to create a symlink to initrd.img, but I am not sure if that is correct.


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