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Re: Ann: gpm-X guide

Kent West wrote:

>>Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:

>>For those who have had trouble or will have trouble in the future
>>getting gpm and X to cooperate, I have now published a short guide 
>>how to do it successfully.  Enjoy.
> > 
> >Kernel 2.6 extends this device node to include the PS/2 mouse as 
> >This means that if you are using a 2.6 kernel you don't need to 
>> the gpm-as-repeater technique outlined above. Simply tell gpm to 
> >from /dev/input/mice and tell X to read from /dev/input/mice and 
> >will work correctly.

>I didn't know that; cool.

The only problem I have had is not setting the repeat_type=raw, I let 
gpmconfig set the default settings using imps2 protocol.  Then setup 
X  mouse settings to use gpmdata, but it borked my x, when I set it 
to repeat_type=raw it fixed the problem.   

Weird how did you know to use the raw value?  Anyway a nice little 
guide, even though I really don't know that many console programs 
that use a mouse by default.  I guess cut and paste is still pretty 
cool in console, but then I always use up arrow key and tab 
completion anyway.  

I also noticed that after one does a gpmconfig and chooses to test 
the mouse, after you press ctrl D, go back to your console your new 
configured mouse does not work on that screen.  But if you change to 
a different VC you have total mouse control.  Anyone notice this, 
yes X is not running, I was configuring gpmconfig as root, thought I 
had messed up the settings again.  Maybe someone should file a bug 
report, or is this a feature?


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