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Re: [OT] Dual Athlon motherboards - recommendations?

On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 06:53:45AM +0800, Katipo wrote:
> For my money, the A7M266-D from Asus still takes some beating...

I only found one vendor, and they wanted two and a half grand for it!
The rest are all saying "not available [at the moment]". Pity, really.

> It's hard to get a board these days without onboard sound, I'm afraid.

Oh, I can always disable it. It's just that I'm insisting on a
CMI8738DX chip (the DX bit is important, for S/PDIF input) and
insisting on the on-board sound being one of those would be too

> There are a few around that are reasonably good value, and you're better
> off searching on the manufacturers site, e.g., MSI, before looking in
> the stores.

Right, MSI K7D Master [L] is now on my shortlist.



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