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Re: #19519: tmpreaper: Will not remove dirs (RFD) New list proposal - *** The Upcoming Release of Hamm *** **Ready your Flame-Throwers** --> Deity's New Name <-- /bin/sh has no man page. /etc/group lossage /etc/passwd : which software does support this ? /tmp exploits /tmp, O_CREATE -> libstress 03-29 boot disks - configuration control 03-29 boot disks - worse than 02-20 for me :( Re: 19980407 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 2.0 Hamm Press Release Work 21164 must be fixed before 2.0.34 comes out! ["Perry E. Metzger" <>] mozilla w/ssl... already! [?] egcs increases C++ binary size dramatically Re: [conradp@cse.unsw.EDU.AU: ANNOUNCE: Express (web browser) released] [grave] libstdc++2.8 needs versioned dependencies Re: [gtk-list] ANNOUNCE: GTK+ 1.0.0 Released! [] The KDE Free Qt Foundation [Linus Torvalds <>] New dad (again).. [OFF-TOPIC] Gtk guru needed [OFFTOPIC] Announce: Archive for Free Software in Real Life [ NPR show on open source] ^^Please read above message^^ `cvs-buildpackage': Ideas and features `Usenix-88-lexic.pdf': Paper refered to in gcc texinfo manual. Re: Aargh - mail Aargh - no mail acct and 2.1.96 acct: process accounting and 2.1.96 Adding files to dpkg AND cruft (was Re: consistency check) Adopting splay (for frozen/unstable?) Afterstep Bug?--OFF TOPIC? Aiding the constitutional procedure [was Re: Automation of the constitutional procedure] another question Anyone want to make a Debian XDM login screen? April 11th bootdisks - major failure APT APT broken ? APT Users Guide Re: apt: HTTP transfer method does not use available bandwidth Are we shipping 2.0 with ipmasq in the default kernel? as much business as you can handle assorted bugs in 2.0 install AUC-TeX in xemacs autoconf problem Automation of constitutional procedures Automation of firewall package install. v0.24 released (was Re: bug) Re: v0.25 released Re: Backspace bug Bad Maintainer Address Re: base-files 1.6 (source all) uploaded to master Re: base-files 1.9 (source all) uploaded to master base-files etc. Re: Base-passwd issues bash prompt strings again (was Re: base-files etc.) BeroFTPD Beta Netscape Communicator4 debs are out! BEWARE binary-CD exceeds 650 MB -- any solution? bind bugfix for bo Blender Blender 3D Boot Disks Boot Disks and Adaptec 2940 Boot system lacks support for RAID boot-floppies package boot-floppies_2.0.4 (source i386) uploaded Re: boot-floppies_2.0.4 (source i386) uploaded) Bootfloppies 12 April broken inbox in Pine bsdutils_4.2.deb and bsdmainutils_4.2.deb Re: bug#17532: read all responses; va down, can't check bug status Bug#20254: marked as done (No support for smbfs on 2.0.x kernels) Re: Bug#20445: marked as done (general: frozen has packages which depend on kernel 2.1.x) Re: Bug#20499: cvs-buildpackage: doesn't handle symlinks in debian only packages Re: Bug#20514: tetex-base: Much documentation missing. Re: Bug#20587: libstdc++2.8-dev: std.h not found Bug#20598: marked as done ([aleph1@DFW.NET: Vendor Contacts]) Re: Bug#20623: anacron: Did not install new /etc/anacrontab Bug#20810: Misc file conflicts Re: Bug#20952: Bad dependency for tetex Re: Bug#20987: pcmcia-cs: Lockup again Re: Bug#21009: rvplayer: Namespace conflict Bug#21016: circular symlinks make libc6 segfaults Bug#21016: Info received (was Bug#21016: circular symlinks make libc6 segfaults) Bug#21170: dpkg malfunction-unable to upgrade Debian Re: Bug#21691: perl-base is essential nothing should Depend: on it. Re: Bug#21726 (tar: doesn't dump files to /dev/null) Bugtraq security contacts build: no utmp entry available Re: Building glibc 2.0.7 using hamm bzip2 for source packages? bzip2 X Call for recommendations for the Technical Committee Re: can't cut and paste with gpm Can't find boot disks in Incoming can't install dump_0.4b4-6.deb, overlaps manpage rmt.8.gz in cpio CERT bind alert. FWD: CERT Vendor-Initiated Bulletin VB-98.04 - xterm.Xaw CERT* VB-98.04: Vulnerabilities in xterm and Xaw cfdisk and multiple active partitions clarification needed: ldconfig in postrm? Colored Shell Compatibility question Compiling xtide: C++ error CONFIRM s04171213544175 Re: Conflicts between developers and policy Confused Packages file.. The last update was on 07:22 GMT Tue Apr 24. There are 2272 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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